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本文摘要:Wisdom and humour can be found in the strangest places, and for many of us thats the internet.网络里从来不补奇人怪事,还有许多充满著智慧与诙谐的段子。

Wisdom and humour can be found in the strangest places, and for many of us thats the internet.网络里从来不补奇人怪事,还有许多充满著智慧与诙谐的段子。If thats the case, these hilarious Facebook pages should give you just the lift - and life insight - you need.如果你是这样一个网际网路爱好者,那就一定不要错失这些无厘头的Facebook主页,不仅能让你开怀一笑,说不定还不会在里面获得一些人生经验。From funny thoughts on parenting to cutting observations about office life, there really is something for everyone.这儿有为人父母者的无厘头念头,也有对办公室生活的诙谐看法,总有一个通你胃口。

Humour meets comics is filled with witty observations about everyday life, including our relationship with others.名为“Humour meets comics”的主页有许多关于日常生活的诙谐吐槽,有时也谈论人际关系。One post reads: A wedding ring is the smallest handcuff ever made. Choose your prison mate wisely.有一则写到:“结婚戒指是世界上大于的手铐,在中选狱友这件事上你求得敲聪慧点。”Another adds: Its hard to make friends as an adult because once youre an adult you realize you f****** hate everyone.另一则写到:“长大后找到交朋友很难,因为一旦长大成人你就不会实在每个人都是那么喜欢。”There are countless of Overheard in Waitrose pages out there if you want to have a good chuckle, including one centred around snippets of conversations heard in Waitrose.如果你想要只想乐一乐,这里还有一些来自Facebook主页“Overheard in Waitrose”的无厘头段子,其中一个主页主要谈了顾客在Waitrose餐馆购物时的对话片段。

Gems include Darling, there are only two half lobster tails left and If you insist on egging Mr Robertsons house, at least buy the quail eggs.其中犹如“亲爱的,这里只有两块龙虾尾了,各剩一半”和“如果你想要扔蛋扔罗伯特森先生的房子,好歹卖鹌鹑蛋吧”的段子。(讽刺Waitrose餐馆价位太高)Any parent will know that raising children brings of a ton of comedy with it. Stacey Gill, posting under the moniker One Funny Motha, uses her experiences of motherhood to brilliant effect.每个家长都告诉带上孩子这件事可是笑料大大,斯黛西吉尔以“One Funny Motha”为绰号放了许多做到母亲的无厘头体验。

Stacey also uses the title of Marie Kondos hit book on tidying to quip: What if your kids dont spark joy? How do you get rid of them?斯黛西还仿效近藤麻理惠关于金属制整理的热卖书名来开玩笑:“如果你的孩子无法给你带给体验怎么办,你该如何挣脱他们呢?”Similarly, Mommy Needs Vodka also provides a comic account of parenting. One post reads: Its funny how my kids cant find their shoes but they can find a tiny bit of onion in their dinner.“Mommy Needs Vodka”也是一个有关为人父母的无厘头图片主页。有一则写到:“我的孩子总是去找将近自己的鞋子,但他没想到就能找到菜里的一丁点洋葱,这觉得是过于‘有意思’了。”Queens of Sass is another account that gives an extremely honest take on life.“Queens of Sass”则是一个对生活真诚吐槽的主页。

One post reads: I thought I was in a bad mood but its been a few years now, so I guess this is who I am now.其中一则写到:“我当时以为我只是心情很差而已,但好几年了还是如此,我猜中我应当就是这样一个不快乐的人吧。”Another recalls an exchange that plenty of us have had: We have to hang out this summer. Me: Yeah for sure. Underneath is a picture of Pinnochio.另有一则回想了一段大多数人都有过的对话:“‘这个夏天我俩一定得一起过来玩玩’我说道:‘啊当然啦。’”下面用上了一张匹诺曹的图片。Meanwhile, Aunty Acid, from Liverpool, provides hilariously witty views from the perspective of a naughty relative.来自利物浦的主页“Aunty Acid”则以一个淘气的亲戚口吻写出了不少无厘头的妙语。

One picture reads: When I asked God for a smoking hot body, the menopause wasnt quite what I had in mind!这张图片上写到:“我向上帝保佑性感火辣的身材,但更年期就算了吧。”(更年期不会让人浑身燥热)The character also writes: Sometimes I like the Facebook versions of people better than the real life version. Anyone else?还有这样一则:“有时我找到,相比现实中的人,Facebook上的人更加令其我讨厌,你们呢?”Facebook page Now Thats Funny S***!? certainly lives up to its name, posting a mixture of comic quotes, pictures and memes. One picture features a quote from a three-year-old called Millie, who couldnt quite get the words of Queens Bohemian Rhapsody right. It reads: S*** a moose! S*** a moose! Can you have a mango?“Now Thats Funny S***!?”这一账号意味著是名副其实,其中不少内容都是将无厘头语录与无厘头图片融合在一起。比如这一张图片配上上了三岁女孩米莉的话,她样子不过于解读皇后乐队的《波西米亚狂想曲》,“驼鹿拉屎!驼鹿拉屎!你不吃芒果吗?”Another photograph employs the use of visual comedy, with the caption: Looks like someone threw caution to the wind.另一张照片甚有视觉喜感,用上的文字是:“看上去或许有人豁出去了。”The Yorkshire Humour account also uses observational humour to entertain its fans.“Yorkshire Humour”也是一个擅于找到生活诙谐、娱乐粉丝的账号。

One post features a photograph with a urinal inside a cubicle - while the toilet is exposed for all to see. The caption simply reads: Lancashire Plumbing Services.其中一张照片是小便器在隔间里,但马桶却在外面,配文很简练:“兰开夏郡管道服务”。Meanwhile, a photograph of a luxury sports car dragging a rusty trailer is accompanied by the caption: When youve won the lottery but youve still got to clear the s***e out of your garage.还有一张图片是一辆奢华跑车纳着一辆腐蚀的拖车,配文是:“你中了彩票,但还得把这些捡拾从车库里带走。”Someecards uses vintage-style cartoons to illustrate its humorous take on the world.“Someecards”这一账号是用复古风的卡通图片配上诙谐吐槽。

Nodding off at work is a good thing, according to one of e-card. It reads: The only way I can follow my dreams is if I fall asleep during work.某则电子卡片上写出着:“只有下班睡觉了我才能追赶梦想,”这么显然办公时间打盹也不是坏事。And one very honest card sends this message of affection to a loved one: I promise to do a better job of how much you irritate me.还有一则真诚的卡片对爱人传达了真诚感情:“虽然你很让我恼怒,但我确保会让你看出来的。